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In SUFA (Fu Jian) Valve Co.,LTD. founded in 1982, is dedicated to the energy industry to provide high-quality, high value-added valves and related fluid control products and services.After more than 20 years of innovation management,we already developed and become one of the largest production and marketing enterprises. 


We have professional power station valve, general valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, control valves, forged steel valves, stainless steel valves and other professional production line.We can produce special valves, petroleum and petrochemical plants system valves, hard seal wearing ball valves, pneumatic, hydraulic and gas liquid blocking fast closing butterfly valve and other high-end valves and general high and middle pressure brake, check, ball, butterfly valves, and other products, can meet the high temperature and high pressure, sulfur resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to erosion of valve products, all kinds of complex working conditions,with tens of thousands of product specifications.and hundreds of kinds of products,

In SUFA (Fu Jian) Valve Co.,LTD. was named as the national high-tech enterprises,China general machinery industry association valve branch governing units, China's nuclear power industry association member units, national torch science and technology industrial park In SUFA valve characteristic industrial park key backbone enterprise and China manufacturing industry informationization demonstration enterprise.

In SUFA (Fu Jian) Valve Co.,LTD. with 280 kw electric heat treatment furnace, 6.5 m vertical lathe, plasma spraying, supersonic spraying, plasma welding, co2 protection welding and other sophisticated machining and special process control equipment;With X-ray, magnetic particle, ultrasonic, coloring, and a series of advanced nondestructive testing equipment and means;With chemical composition analysis, metallurgical analysis, mechanical property test, hardness test, thickness measurement, valve life test and low temperature test, fire test, as well as 2800 tons of super high pressure large diameter valve performance testing and other high-tech testing equipment and methods.

Bao jian feng from honed out, plum blossom incense from the experience.In SUFA (Fu Jian) Valve Co.,LTD. adheres to the corporate vision of "building a modern enterprise, a universal model "; provides customers with quick and comprehensive value service and the whole leading solution; becomes a reliable strategic partner of our customers; Creates fair opportunity, challenging and strategic goal oriented working environment for the employees; inspires our staff to achieve maximum value development platform; Becomes the benchmark of humanistic value orientation; Makes creative and standardized management of modern group co., LTD

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